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amanda nordquist

principal and lead designer

Since opening acn designs in 2008, Amanda has used her passion for fashion, art and design to create both sophisticated and sustainable interiors. Impeccable taste, a brilliant eye for color, and a tireless commitment to customer satisfaction are just a few of the attributes that Amanda brings to her clients. Whether she is designing your home or commercial headquarters, re-branding a premium retail space or restaurant, Amanda will be immersed in every facet of the project.

A unique attribute that Amanda brings to her clients is her business savvy.  Amanda earned her bachelor's degree in Accounting and Finance from Indiana University's School of Business in 1996, and later earned her masters in finance from the same institution. After nearly a decade working for Xerox Corporation, she hung up her Sales hat and followed her passion into design. Her business expertise has allowed her the leadership skills to deliver complex projects on time and within budget. Amanda prides herself on being able to work with her clients in creating appropriate budgets with unparalleled results.  

kate pixler

 designer & project manager

shelby bathauer

design assistant 

sandra tabares

logistics manager 



Has a keen eye for the details; 

will work for food



Loves to sign for deliveries.


publicity hound

The newest addition to the design team; specializes in demolition

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